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Engineering and Schematics

Allows you to specify processes that you can execute when you select a symbol, click the right mouse button, and then click a custom command on the shortcut menu. The command names of the processes that you define appear at the top of the shortcut menu. The command can be a .DLL or .OCX file that you created.

For example, if you create a symbol for a heat pump, you might want to place a Calculate Volume command on the shortcut menu. The shortcut menu appears when you place the heat pump symbol in a document, select it, and click the right mouse button. The Calculate Volume command appears on the shortcut menu. When you click the Calculate Volume command, a Visual Basic program appears that allows you to calculate the volume of the heat pump.

Tab Options


Specifies the name of the process that appears on the shortcut menu.

Programmatic identifier

Specifies which process is executed when a specific command is selected on the shortcut menu.

Type the ProgID of registered files directly in the list box and press Apply. The ProgID is assigned when you create the .DLL or .OCX file. See the documentation for Visual Basic for more information about ProgID's.


Places the values specified in the Name and Programmatic identifier fields in the list of custom actions.


Allows you to edit the Name and Programmatic identifier data associated with the selected custom action.


Deletes the selected custom action from the list.

To use this functionality, you must install the Symbol Authoring option.