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Before you place a symbol, you can set an option to link or embed the symbol with Options on the Tools menu.

  1. The Browser / Symbol Explorer  automatically displays the symbol library associated with the template or document.

    For some documents, you might need to click Home in the Browser / Symbol Explorer. The Browser tab on the File Properties dialog box stores the Home path.

  2. In the Browser / Symbol Explorer window, browse to the folder that contains the symbols that you want.

  3. Click on the symbol in the Browser / Symbol Explorer window.

  4. Click the desired location in the active document to place the symbol.

A specific symbol can be used up to 8192 times in a file.

  • While in single-click placement mode, you can place multiple copies of the selected symbol with each additional mouse click. To cancel single-click placement mode, press the Esc key or click the right mouse button.

  • You can also place a symbol by dragging it from the Browser / Symbol Explorer window into the active document.

  • You can use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the symbol prior to its placement on the Drawing sheet.

  • To place multiple copies of a symbol while in mouse-down mode, you can click Stamp Here on the shortcut menu.

  • You can filter the view of documents in the Browser / Symbol Explorer. If you want to view just one type of document, such as symbols, pause the pointer in the Browser / Symbol Explorer window and right-click. On the shortcut menu, click View, and then click File Type.

  • If you use a certain symbol library for many different documents, you can access the library quickly by adding it to your list of favorites in the Browser / Symbol Explorer. Point to the Browser / Symbol Explorer window, right-click, and click Add To Favorites.

  • You also can place a symbol by dragging it from Windows Explorer. You can set the default option to link or embed the symbol when you drag it with Options on the Tools menu. You set the option on the Symbol tab of the Options dialog box.

  • If you press Ctrl while you drag a symbol, the symbol is embedded. If you press Ctrl + Shift, the symbol is linked.

    Pressing the keys overrides the option that you set for dragging symbols on the Options dialog box.

  • Sometimes when you place a symbol that contains dimensions in a document, the software does not display the dimensions. This behavior depends on options that you set when you created the symbol. However, if you open the symbol to edit it, the dimensions appear.

  • If you open or create a document while the Browser / Symbol Explorer is open, you must click Home to display the symbol folder associated with the current document or template.

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