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SmartSketch provides tools that let you create part drawings and assembly drawings that provide information for manufacturing a product. Part drawings (or detail drawings) show each part contained in a product. Assembly drawings show how all the parts fit together. These drawing templates (Metric and Imperial) are available with the GD&T (Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing) and Weld Symbols option.  GD&T and Weld Symbols are symbol sets that let you create and place GD&T and Weld Symbols into SmartSketch drawings. The symbols are placed through a simple drag-and-drop operation from the Symbol Explorer. You can also place Text Fields that build up the symbols via this same drag-and-drop operation. Several of the symbols feature multiple representations that you can easily access with a simple right-mouse click on your placed symbol. Once you see the representation you like, you simply left-mouse click it to change the display of the symbol in your drawing.

GD&T symbols include input fields - such as tolerance value - which are easily accessed with a simple double-click of your mouse; you can then edit the input field to change its value. You can access these symbols when you open one of the Mechanical templates in SmartSketch.

To use this functionality, you must install the Mechanical Solutions option.

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