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You can also measure the length of a line or the diameter of a circle by selecting the element and looking at the value on the ribbon. For more detailed work, the software provides commands for measuring distances or areas in a drawing. Even when you are in the middle of a task, you can measure distances or areas with these commands.

  • Measure Distance measures the distance between points on elements and points in free space.

  • Measure Area measures the area inside one or more closed boundaries.

The distances are shown using the current units of measure for the document. To set the units for measuring distances or areas, click File > Properties, and then set the units for the length, area, or angle of a drawing on the Units tab. 

This setting does not set units for dimensions. To set the active units for dimensions, click Format > Style and set the units for a dimension style. Active units control the format for dimensions when they are placed. For existing dimensions, you can click Edit > Properties and set the units for dimensions that you have selected.

Bearing and Azimuth

You can orient your drawing in an environment with a specific bearing and azimuth. This tool is useful for applications such as civil engineering.

Bearing and Azimuth is available only if you use the Tools > Custom Commands command to place it on a toolbar or menu. On the Toolbars tab of the Custom Commands dialog box, click Tools to access the command.

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