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  1. On the Draw toolbar, click Ellipse by 3 Points .

  2. Click the location to begin the primary axis.

  3. Click the location to end the primary axis. This action defines the length of the primary axis and the rotation angle.

  4. Click a location on one side of the primary axis. This action defines the secondary axis.

The primary axis can be shorter than the secondary axis.

  • Instead of clicking to define the primary and secondary axes of an ellipse, you can type values on the ribbon. You can also use a combination of graphic and ribbon input.

  • Instead of clicking several different points to draw an ellipse, you can draw a diagonal line, and the software automatically changes it to an ellipse.

  • You can use the options on the ribbon and the commands on the shortcut menu to edit an ellipse.

  • If Maintain Relationships is set, the software places relationship handles.

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