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A unique ribbon appears when you click a specific command or when you select an element. These ribbons help you control various settings for the active command. You can place a ribbon bar only at the top or the bottom of the window. You can drag a ribbon to the top or the bottom, but not to the sides, of the window.

Ribbons and dialog boxes contain one or more of the following tools:

A check box sets or clears an option. When you click the check box, an X appears to show that the option is set. Clicking the check box again clears it.

Some options give you two or more choices. You can click an option to activate it.

A box accepts a value when you type it and press Tab or Enter. You can edit the text by highlighting it with the mouse and then pressing Backspace or Delete.

A drop-down list box gives you several options to select from. In some cases, you can also type a value in the field.

A list box allows you to select an item from a list. You can scroll through the list using the scroll bar and double-click an item. Or, you can click an option on the list and then click OK on the dialog box.

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