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This collection of industry-specific templates (both Imperial and Metric) includes task-specific toolbars and industry-standard symbols that allow you to quickly and easily create sophisticated electrical schematics.

Using simple drag-and-drop methods, you can easily position electrical components into their appropriate locations on the drawing sheet. With intelligent routing - the Connector command – you can connect components at each symbol's connect points, or you can drag-and-drop components onto the connectors you've already placed. Many inline components such as resistors, batteries, capacitors, diodes, and switches auto-align and glue when dropped onto a connector.

Drawing annotation is easy: simply double-click a component or connector, then type the text. Many symbols (such as resistors, batteries, and capacitors) have predefined SmartLabels that can be edited with a double-click selection. There is also an annotation symbol folder with drag- and-drop auto-sizing text boxes.

The Control Loop Diagram template includes more than 200 control loop-specific symbols. The symbols are grouped into logical categories and include Controllers, Flow Elements, Indicators, Recorders, Switches, Temperature Elements, Terminal Strips and Transmitters.

To use this functionality, you must install the Electrical Solutions option.

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