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A group is a set of elements that you have selected. The set behaves like any other select set. Grouping elements allows you to work with them as a unit. For example, you could place the holes and center lines of a bolt hole pattern into a group. This would allow you to move, copy, or delete the entire pattern at once, as if it were a single element.

The following list describes some of the properties of groups:

  • An element can be a member of only one group.

  • Grouped elements must reside in the same document and be on the same drawing sheet.

  • Any locatable element can be grouped.

  • Any combination of elements, such as lines, text, circles, and so forth, can be grouped.

You can use Group to nest two or more entire groups within a larger group, or you can nest individual elements and groups within a larger group.

After elements are grouped, you can use Ungroup to ungroup all of the elements at the same time. You can also use Ungroup and QuickPick to remove one or more elements from a group.

Selecting Groups and Members of Groups

The options on the Select Tool ribbon allow you to select an entire group or individual members of a group. If you set the bottom-up option, you can select individual members. If you select the top down option, you can select all the members.

You can also use QuickPick to select one or more group members or an entire group.

Performing Tasks on Groups

After you select a group, you can use a command or ribbon option on all of its members. For example, when you move, copy, or delete a group, all of its members are moved, copied, or deleted. You can move or apply relationships to a member of a group and the changes do not affect the position of the other members of the group.

When you copy an entire group, all of its members are copied, including nested groups. The software creates a new group that contains all of the members of the original group. When you copy one member of a group, only that member is copied.

If you use QuickPick to select a member of a group, you can perform tasks on the member individually, without affecting other members.

In Catalog Manager, you cannot save a symbol with grouped elements. Therefore, you must ungroup all grouped elements before saving the symbol.

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