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SmartSketch Help

Engineering and Schematics

Controls settings such as the display of 3-D effects and the number of entries in the list of recently used files.

Update Links Automatically At Open

Updates links automatically when the document is open and this option is set.

Recently Used Files List

Sets the number of entries for the Recent Files area of the File menu when the Recent Files area is set.

Dimension Keyin Values Automatically

Places dimensions for recognized step values or for values you type in a ribbon field while drawing a geometric element. For example, select Rectangle on the Draw toolbar. On the ribbon, type a value in the Width, Height, and/or Angle fields, press ENTER or TAB, and then click the location in the Drawing sheet where you want to place the rectangle.

Display Unit Of Measurement Labels

Displays the units of measurement in the value field.

Set printer paper size to sheet size

Automatically sets the printer paper size to match the sheet size (if the printer supports that size).

Display XY coordinate readout

Displays the XY coordinate of the cursor position in the right side of the application window status bar.

Undo Steps

Sets the number of operations that can be undone.

Middle Button Operation

Sets up the middle mouse button so that it can be used for either scrolling or panning. The default action of the middle mouse button is Windows Scrolling.

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