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Defines details for the drawing sheet size, scale, and print setup information.

Sheet size

Sets the size for the drawing sheet.

Same as print setup

Sets the drawing sheet size using the current print setup definition. For example, if the printer is set up as 8 1/2 X 11, the drawing sheet size is set up as 8 1/2 X 11.


Defines the drawing sheet size from a list of standard ANSI and ISO paper sizes.


Defines the drawing sheet size according to the entered width and height values.

Drawing scale

Sets options for the scale of the drawing sheet.

Scale (1:1)

Sets the drawing scale to a 1:1 ratio. As a result, the representation of the objects on the drawing sheet is the same size as the real- world object being described.

Select Scale

Sets the drawing scale to a standard ratio. The specified ratio defines the size of the drawing in relation to the size of the real-world object. For a 2:1 ratio, the 2 represents the size of the drawing and the 1 represents the size of the real-world object.


Defines a custom or scale ratio. The first value defines the distance on the drawing sheet and the second value defines what this distance is equal to in the real world.

Paper units

Sets the paper units for the drawing sheet.


Controls the display of numeric values in dialog boxes that define the size of non-scaled objects. Some examples of non-scaled object values are text height and line width. This setting does not affect dimension units.

Only value boxes use this option. For example, if you are working in feet and inches, you can specify that you want to read and type values for text height in fractional inches. (1/8" instead of 0.00'-0.125")

When printing or plotting a drawing sheet, the non-scaled items appear on the printed document with the exact size that you specify.


Sets the number of significant figures to display, or the accuracy of the unit readout value. The precision setting does not change the numbers that you can type in the fields, only the display of the numbers in the field. Values ending in 5 are rounded up to the next whole number.

For example, if you set this control to .001 and you draw a line that is 2.1056 inches, then the line length value is rounded. The length value appears as 2.106 inches. If you set this control to 0.01 and you type a line length value of 3.5 mm, the length value appears as 3.50 mm.

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