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Engineering and Schematics

Cell Library - Sets options for translating MicroStation cell libraries. When a cell library is imported, a symbol document with a .sym extension is created.

Units of Resolution - Determines the sub-unit and positional unit settings for MicroStation V7 (.CEL) cell libraries.

  • Cell libraries from MicroStation V7 documents do not have units and depend on these settings for the units of resolution. The settings have no effect on translating documents with a .dgn extension; the settings only affect MicroStation V7 documents with a .CEL extension.

  • For MicroStation V8 .CEL files, SmartSketch uses the units of resolution contained in the model itself and ignores the Units of Resolution settings.

Cells - Sets options for importing cells in MicroStation documents. When you import a MicroStation document, a temporary folder is created in the Temp folder on your computer. The temporary folder contains the symbols that are embedded in the MicroStation document. By default, these symbols are deleted after the document is imported into the drawing sheet. You can change a setting in ITMSTN.INI to save the symbols instead. In Notepad, open ITMSTN.INI and change the following line in the Options section: Delete Symbol Definitions = 0.

Options - Determines if cells are imported as elements on the drawing sheet or embedded symbols. Symbol documents have an .sym extension. For example, type 2 cells are imported as groups and shared cells, type 34, are imported as symbols.

Template File - Specifies the path and filename for the template that you want to use to create a document.

Browse - Accesses the Browse dialog box.

Fit imported data to active sheet - Places the MicroStation data on the active drawing sheet. If the checkbox is not selected, the imported data is placed on a new drawing sheet.