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 Opens the Custom Command dialog box. You can choose a macro and run it. Some macros are delivered with the software, generally in the [Installation Folder]\Program Files\SmartSketch\VB Examples folder. You can also create your own macros and store them in a location of your choosing.

You can use Tools > Customize to place the Macro button on a toolbar.

The following custom commands are delivered with SmartSketch:

2D Custom Commands

  • Align Dimensions - Aligns linear dimensions that you select to a common point. For more information, see Align Dimensions.

  • Clear Manual Edits – Clears manual edits from the drawing.

  • Highlight Manual Edits – Highlights in the drawing the label and dimension options, including filters that you select. For more information, see Run Highlight Command.

  • Run Extend - Extends one or more open elements to a point in space or to another element. For more information, see Run Extend Command.

  • Run Highlight - Highlights in the drawing label and dimension options, including filters, that you select. For more information, see Run Highlight Command.

  • Run Place Girth Dimension - Places a girth dimension. For more information, see Run Place Girth Dimension Command.

  • Run Trim - Trims open and closed elements to a point in space, to a point on another element, or performs a partial delete on a section of the element itself. For more information, see Run Trim Command.

3D Custom Commands

SmartSketch also delivers 3D custom commands. These commands are run from Tools > Custom Commands on the main menu, rather than the Drawing Editor. For more information on using 3D Custom commands, see Custom Commands in the Common User's Guide.

  • Large Sector Utility – ProgID: DwgBinaryEditorCmd.FixSectorSize

    Converts existing production drawings from a small to larger sector format so that Microsoft structured storage limits and their corresponding errors are avoided.

  • Repair Style Path Command – ProgID: DwgRepairCmd.RepairDocuments

    Fixes the Symbol or Style path on a RAD document.

  • Synchronize Drawing Templates Command – ProgID: DwgSynchTemplatesCmd.SynchTemplates

    Synchronizes or copies a template from one drawing component to another.

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