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  1. On the Draw toolbar, click Connector .

  2. In the Connector ribbon bar, set the line start and end terminators.

  3. Pass the pointer over the target object to highlight the potential keypoints or connect points.

    The connector can attach at keypoints on the symbol or predefined connect points. The connect points appear as red circles with Xs. The keypoints appear as gray circles with Xs.

  4. Click to start the connector at a predefined connect point or keypoint.

    • The direction in which you move from the start point determines the angle at which the connector is drawn.

    • If the object itself is rotated, the takeoff angle is adjusted appropriately so that the connector is perpendicular to the object.

    • If you press the ALT key while drawing a connector, the connector attaches to a connect point at any angle.

  5. Pass the pointer over the second target object.

  6. Click to end the connector at a predefined connect point or keypoint.

If one of the connected objects is moved the connection and clearance is maintained.

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