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The following procedure requires the To Do List add-in. For more information, see Install or Remove an Add-In.

  1. Open a SmartSketch document.

  2. On the To Do List toolbar, click To Do List Manager .

    • If the To Do List toolbar is not displayed, do the following:

    • Click View > Toolbar

    • In the Toolbars dialog box, select To Do List in the list of toolbars.

    • Click OK

    • So that the To Do List toolbar remains visible, you can dock it to the top, bottom, or either side of the drawing window.

  3. In the To Do List dialog box, type a description of the task in the Item box.

  4. Select a status in the Status list.

    When a task is created, the status is set to Open.

  5. In the Priority list, select a level of priority for the task.

  6. In the Details box, enter any additional information that is pertinent to the task.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Click Apply and then repeat steps 1-7 to define as many tasks as needed.

  9. When you are finished defining the To Do List tasks, click Close to return to the SmartSketch document.

  • If you click Close before clicking Apply, none of the To Do List entries will be saved.

  • When you save the document, the To Do List is also saved. You can use the To Do List Notification Options Dialog Box to request that the software notify you when the status or priority of a task on the To Do List changes.