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Engineering and Schematics

Converts the active drawing to a PDF document.


Displays options to specify the sheets to be converted to PDF. With multi-sheet documents, you can specify that all sheets are converted, or you can specify that only certain sheets are converted.

Create bookmarks

Creates a bookmark for each sheet added to the PDF file.


Modifies the dots per inch, or "dpi".  The greater the dpi, the better the clarity. Increasing the resolution setting increases the file size and can slightly increase the time required to process some files.


Creates a PDF using the colors available in the document. You can only create a color PDF from a color drawing sheet.


Creates a PDF using a 256-color grayscale.

Pure black and white

Creates a PDF that has no color or grayscale. Anything that is not pure white is drawn as black.

JPEG compression

Compresses images embedded in your document according to the compression level you define. If your drawing contains a lot of images, compression settings are very important for achieving good image quality at a manageable file size. Use the pull-down menu to set the compression level. Compression levels in the High quality range do not noticeably affect image quality and produce larger file sizes than settings in the Low quality range.  However, using a mid-range compression level usually strikes the best balance in creating a compact file while still maintaining enough information to product high-quality images.

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