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The software delivers some reports that you can update automatically when you add symbols to a document. The reports work with symbols that have specific attributes assigned to them. You must have Microsoft® Excel™ 97 or later installed on your computer. The software includes several sample reports.

When you open a template, that specific template displays a default folder of symbols in the Symbol Explorer. You can find reports in the Reports folder of the default symbol folder. Examples that you can drag into your document include the following reports:

  • Network Reports—In the Network template, you can drag in reports listing network equipment contacts and reports inventorying equipment.

  • Process Reports—In the Process Flow template, you can drag in heat exchanger, pump and tower equipment reports and a stream report.

To use the Process Flow template, you must install the Process Solutions option.

The software prompts you to update the report when you add it to a document. After you add more symbols to the document, you can update the existing report by double-clicking it.

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