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 Display On/Off (F9)

Displays or hides the PinPoint help lines and distance values.

 Reposition Target (F12)

Attaches the target point to the pointer so that you can reposition the target point. Click where you want the target point to be.

 Relative Tracking

When toggled on, PinPoint is in relative mode such that the PinPoint target moves to the last point clicked during a drawing command.

 Define PinPoint Origin

Activates the Define PinPoint Origin Ribbon containing fields for X & Y values which define a document origin for PinPoint.

To save this origin, you must select the Save PinPoint Origin button on the Define PinPoint Origin ribbon bar.

 Reposition Target to Origin

Moves the PinPoint target to the X,Y position that was saved using the Save PinPoint Origin button on the Define PinPoint Origin ribbon bar.


Specifies the angle of the PinPoint x help line relative to its default horizontal orientation. Positive values rotate the horizontal line counterclockwise. Negative values rotate the horizontal line clockwise.


Specifies the PinPoint step value. The step value is an incremental distance along the PinPoint coordinate axes. When the distance between the target position and the current pointer location is an increment of the step value, the related coordinate value and help line become bold.

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