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Engineering and Schematics

You use these templates to produce technical drawings, sketches, and illustrations.

  • Imperial Template—This template has imperial units in decimal inches, ANSI sheet sizes, ANSI dimensioning and ANSI text.

  • Metric Template—This template has metric units in millimeters, ISO sheet sizes, ISO dimensioning, and ISO text.

A set of simple drawing elements is also available in the Symbol Explorer for these templates. The Draw toolbar containing tools to create precision drawings appears on the left of the drawing window.

Drawing/Sketching Workflow

Set up the sheet

  1. Select an appropriate sheet size and scale that allow you to enough paper space to draw. The default scale is 1:1.

    Draw elements

  2. Use the tools on the Draw toolbar and SmartSketch Settings, or drag symbols available in the Symbol Explorer.

  3. Place multiple copies of symbols by using the right mouse button to drag and by selecting Stamp Here, or by pressing Ctrl while dragging a symbol from the Symbol Explorer.

  4. If Maintain Relationships is set on, relationships between drawn objects are established. As an example, the system remembers when you draw a line horizontally, vertically, or parallel to another line and maintains that information when you modify the drawing.

  5. You can use Trim, Extend to Next, and Fillet to efficiently modify drawn geometry.

    Annotate the drawing

  6. Use text, dimensioning, and labels to annotate the drawing. Double-clicking on any drawn object (except fills, dimensions, and leaders) creates an associative text box. Note that text is entered in paper units regardless of the sheet scale.

    Finish the drawing

  7. Use patterns and fills and modify the symbols to enhance the drawing.

To use this functionality, you must install the Process Solutions option.

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