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  1. On the Main toolbar, click PinPoint .

  2. Click where you want the target point to be and run any drawing command. As you move the pointer, PinPoint displays the coordinates of the current mouse location in relation to the target point. To provide precision input to the current command, click when the coordinate display indicates that the pointer is in the correct position or type coordinate values in the X and Y ribbon boxes.

You cannot place elements with PinPoint on the Main toolbar if you are using Grid Snap.

  • When the pointer reaches a distance from the target point that is a multiple of the Step Value set on the ribbon, the related coordinate value and help line become bold.

  • If you know the exact x and y distances from the target point that you want to use as command input, you can type the values in the X and Y ribbon boxes.

  • When the PinPoint ribbon is active, you can use your function keys to toggle on/off the PinPoint command (F9), lock the X: box for data input (F10), or lock the Y: box for data input (F11).

  • You can type a known x or y value into the X or Y ribbon box to lock one axis position, then graphically define the coordinate for the other axis.

  • You can move the target point at any time. Click Reposition on the ribbon, and then click where you want the target point to be.

  • You can re-orient the PinPoint x axis. Type a positive value in the Angle box on the PinPoint ribbon to rotate the axis counterclockwise, or a negative value to rotate the axis clockwise.

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