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You can place the following types of dimensions with SmartDimension:

  • Linear dimension

  • Angular dimension

  • Radial dimension

  • Diameter dimension

  1. On the Label or Dimension toolbar, click SmartDimension .

  2. Click an element.

    The command determines the type of dimension to place, depending on the type of element you select, and displays the dimension dynamically so you can position it.

  3. Position the dimension, and then click a point to place it.

  • SmartDimension automatically determines the type of dimension to place based on the element that you select, such as linear, radial, or angular. However, you can specify a different dimension type. For example, if you click SmartDimension and then select a circle, by default Diameter is the active dimension type on the Dimension ribbon; you then place a diameter dimension. However, if you want to place a radial dimension instead, you can click Radius on the ribbon and then place the dimension.

  • To place a driving dimension, you must set Maintain Relationships on the Tools menu, select an element, and then click a dimension command on the Label or Dimension toolbar; the dimension that you place is a driving dimension by default.

  • You can change a dimension to driving or driven by selecting it and then clicking Driving/Driven on the ribbon.

  • To place a horizontal or vertical dimension between the end points of an angular line, you must press SHIFT.

  • A connector is not considered to be a geometric element; consequently, it cannot be dimensioned.

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