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The Image Integrator option provides integrated tools for viewing and manipulating images in a vector/raster drawing environment. You can manipulate all or part of an image using such edits as cut and move, copy and move, tint, paint, or erase. You can adjust contrast and brightness, or invert the pixel values to negative or positive. You can even scale and rotate images to match vector drawings or maps using source and target registration points. Image Integrator supports popular binary grayscale, indexed color, and true color image formats including GIF, JPG, BMO, TIF, CAL, PC, RLE, COT, CIT, TG4, CRL, CMP, and RGB.

When you install the Image Integrator option in conjunction with the Translators option, you can import hybrid raster/vector files into and exported from AutoCAD and MicroStation files while maintaining all reference data.

You can install the Image Integrator option using the Custom setup feature. For more information on installing SmartSketch options, see the SmartSketch Installation Guide accessible from the Help > Printable Guides command from within the software.

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