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  1. Select a symbol, object, or element.

  2. On the Main toolbar, click Symbol Explorer .

  3. If the item that you selected has attributes, the Attribute Viewer appears in the Symbol Explorer window.

  • You can use Attribute Viewer to view a symbol's user properties and parameters. These properties include the dimensions of the symbol and other items. To open the Attribute Viewer, double-click a symbol. You can also select a symbol and then click the Symbol Explorer button on the Main toolbar.

  • In the Attribute Viewer, the user properties appear in plain text. The parameters appear in bold text. You cannot edit the names of the parameters in the Name column. To change the values, click in the Value column, type the information that you want, and press Enter.

  • You can use the Up and Down arrow keys (or the Enter key) to scroll through Attribute Viewer values.

  • If the Symbol Explorer window is open, you can display or hide the Attribute Viewer. To display or hide the viewer, point to a toolbar at the top of the document window and right-click. On the shortcut menu, select or clear Attribute Viewer.

  • You can drag the splitter bar between the Symbol Explorer and the Attribute Viewer to display or hide the viewer.

  • You can edit the parameters of a parametric symbol to automatically change the dimensions of the symbol.

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