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  1. Select a fill.

  2. On the Fill ribbon, click the settings that you want to update the fill.

  • You can format a fill before you place it by setting options on the ribbon or using Properties on the Edit menu.

  • You can apply several formats at once by clicking a new fill style in the Style list box on the ribbon.

  • You cannot modify an existing fill style, but you can create a new fill style by typing a new name in the Style list box on the Fill ribbon. The new style uses the settings on the ribbon as the formats for the style.

  • If you want to copy a fill style from one document to another, just create a fill, apply a style, and then copy the fill to a new document. The fill style appears in a drop-down list on the Fill ribbon in the new document.

  • The blank color on the Fill ribbon (the cross hatched area at the bottom-right of the color-picker grid) takes on the background color of the document. This is useful for creating symbols that can cover an element on which the symbol is placed. Incorporating a fill with blank color into the symbol allows the symbol, when placed, to mask out elements such as lines or connectors that intersect the symbol.

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