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To draw a rectangle or square, click Rectangle  on the Draw toolbar. Then, click two different points to define the shape. If you want to precisely define dimensions, you can type values into the ribbon and press ENTER.

If you place dimensions on a rectangle or square, these are always driven dimensions. This means that if you edit the value of the dimension, the object does not change. You need to edit the width and height values on the ribbon to change the dimensions of the rectangle or square. Also, you cannot ungroup a rectangle or square into individual lines.

If you want to place a rectangle or square that has driving dimensions, you need to select Line/Arc Continuous on the Draw toolbar and place four separate lines in the shape of a rectangle or square.

In SmartSketch, you can use the Polygon and Polygon by Center , also on the Draw toolbar, to draw an n-side polygon. The default settings for both polygon commands are for drawing an isosceles triangle. However, you can use the options on the Polygon and Polygon by Center ribbons to specify the number of sides and dimension values.

Each polygon that you draw is really an object of grouped lines. Consequently, after the polygon is drawn there is no way to modify its dimensions. You can, however, use Ungroup on the Relationships toolbar to separate the polygon into its individual linear elements.

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