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As you move the pointer, the software automatically updates values in the ribbon, giving you constant feedback on the size and position of the element you are drawing. As you draw, the software shows a temporary, dynamic display of the element you are drawing by the pointer––this feedback is called a relationship indicator. This temporary display shows the look of the elements if you place the element at the current location.

The software gives you more information about the element that you are drawing by displaying relationships between the temporary, dynamic element and the following items:

  • Other elements in the drawing

  • Horizontal and vertical orientations

  • Origin of the element that you are drawing

When the software recognizes a relationship, it displays a relationship indicator at the pointer. As you move the pointer, the software updates the indicator to show new relationships. If a relationship indicator appears by the pointer when you click to draw the element, the software applies that relationship to the element.


Relationship Indicator

End point





Point On Element





For example, if the horizontal relationship indicator appears when you click to place the second end point of a line, then the line is exactly horizontal.


You can set the types of relationships you want the software to recognize using SmartSketch Settings on the Tools menu. The software can recognize one or two relationships at a time. When the software recognizes two relationships, it displays both relationship indicators at the pointer.

Locate Zone

You do not have to move the pointer to an exact position for the software to recognize a relationship. The software recognizes relationships for any element within the locate zone of the pointer. The circle around the pointer crosshair or at the end of the pointer arrow indicates the locate zone. You can change the size of the locate zone with SmartSketch Settings on the Tools menu.

Infinite Elements

The software recognizes the Point On Element relationship for lines and arcs as if these elements were infinite. In the following example, the software recognizes a Point On Element relationship when you position the pointer directly over an element and also when you move the pointer off the element.

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