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Engineering and Schematics

Engineering and architectural diagrams and drawings require accurate measurements and precise positioning of elements and symbols. The software provides a variety of positioning and dimensioning tools that are easy to use but powerful enough for the most complex drawings.

Many types of drawings require a drawing scale that makes it possible to represent very large or very small objects on a sheet of paper. You can set up your drawings with the drawing scale and measurement units you need to create a wide range of drawings.

When you are positioning elements and symbols on a drawing sheet, speed and precision count. You can easily align symbols with other symbols or with locations indicated by guides, rulers, and grids. You can also position symbols at exact x-and y-coordinates in your drawing.

You can also display the dimensions of elements in your drawings. With the software's measurement and dimensioning tools, you can calculate and display linear and angular dimensions. When you resize an element that has attached dimensions, the dimensions update automatically.

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