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Because the available fonts on the selected printer affect both display and printing, select the printer to use before you begin working on a document.

Before you can print for the first time, you must connect the printer to the computer or network, install a printer driver, and select the printer to print the document. For more information about installing a printer, see the printer documentation. To set options for an installed printer, click Print on the File menu, and then click Properties.

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Print .

  2. On the Print dialog box in the Name box, select the printer you want to use.

  3. In the Number Of Copies box, type the number of copies you want.

  4. In the Print Range box, click Print Area and click OK.

  5. When a set of crosshairs appears, drag them to define the area that you want to print.

  6. On the Print Area dialog box, set the options to print the area that you selected.

  • You can set other options for the printer by clicking Properties or Settings on the Print dialog box. You can set the paper size, source, and orientation.

  • When you select several sheets and then click Selected Sheets on the Print dialog box, all the selected sheets print as one composite drawing, like layers on top of one another. The software uses the scale, paper size, and orientation of the active sheet for printing the final document.

  • Click Sheet Setup on the File menu to specify the drawing sheet size and scale.

  • Saving your document before you print it is a good idea. This way, if a printer error or other problem occurs, you will not lose any work completed after the last time you saved the document.

  • You can display the document as it will be printed. Click Options on Tools menu. Then, on the View tab, click the Display As Printed check box.

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