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Creates, modifies, or deletes layers and layer groups. You can only work with layers for the active sheet in the active window. You cannot delete the active layer or a layer that has elements placed on it.


Displays a list of all the layers on the current drawing sheet so that you can create new layers. You can type the name of a layer in the Layers box to create a new layer. You can also add or remove layers in a layer group with the Layers table. When you select a group in the Groups table, the check boxes in the Grouped column of the Layers table indicate the status of the layers. If the check box is set, the layer is a member of the group that you selected in the Groups table. If the check box is cleared, the layer is not a member of the group.


Displays all layer groups for the current sheet. You can define a new group by typing a name in the Groups box. You can select a group from the Groups table to display the layers in the group in the Groups table. To select a group, you must click the button on the left side of the row for a group. You can use the Description column to add a description to the layer group. Typing a name of an existing layer group makes that group active. You can then add or remove layers in a group.

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