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Engineering and Schematics

Displays the active document in a tree view format.

 Fit Graphical View

Fits the drawing object you select in the Document Explorer tree to the active view of the drawing sheet. As long as the option is toggled on, each drawing object that you select in the tree view is fit into the graphical view.

 Add Element to Select Set

Selects objects in both the tree view and the document view. Objects that you select in one view are simultaneously selected in the other view. In the following illustration, when you select Symbol2d 671 in the Document Explorer tree view, the corresponding object (in this case, a Parametric Tower) is also selected in the graphic view

As you click nodes in the tree view, the select set in the graphic view changes.

 Show Target Around Element

Locates objects in the active document. This feature is especially useful in large documents.


Reloads the display of the tree view.


Opens the Filter Objects dialog box where you can specify which objects display in the Document Explorer tree view. You can select specific types of objects, all objects, or no objects.

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