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  1. Select a symbol with attributes from which you wish to create a report.

  2. Click Tools > Report Generator. The Report Generator dialog box opens; the selected symbol's attributes display in the Report Fields.

    • If you do not have a symbol selected, SmartSketch prompts you to select a symbol from your drawing.

    • In the Report Generator dialog box, enter a name for the report.

  3. In the Items field, specify the maximum number of report items you wish to display.

  4. Under Report Data, use the Criteria drop-down list to select the attribute that defines the selection criteria for the symbol, and then specify the text string you wish to use for the criteria.

    For example, to generate a report of all the doors in a design, you can set the criteria to Class and enter Door in the Equals (=) field.

  5. From the Report Fields list, select the fields (attributes) you wish to display in the report.

  6. Under Data Orientation, use the Columns and Rows radio buttons to specify the desired orientation for the report.

  7. Use the Prompt for the Sheet Name check box to specify whether or not you wish to have the report prompt you for the sheet to report on.

  8. Click OK to begin the report generation procedure.

  9. Specify the location of the report file and click Save.

  • The Report Generator creates a symbol file that contains an Excel spreadsheet with the selected field on it. When this symbol is dragged from the Symbol Explorer and dropped into a SmartSketch file, the Update Report macro (igrUpdateReport412.dll) fills in the actual data.

  • You can run the Update Report macro at any time to update or replace the report. Select a report and then click Tools > Custom Commands. In the Custom Command dialog box, navigate to [Product Folder]:\Program, and double-click igrUpdateReport412.dll.

  • Once you have created a report symbol, you can use the symbol over and over in different files.

  • The fields you select from the Report Fields list are placed in the report in the order that they appear in the list. You can use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder the items you've selected.

  • If you do not select the Prompt for the Sheet Name check box, the report data is obtained from the sheet in which the report is dropped.

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