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  1. Click Polygon on the Draw toolbar.

    If the Polygon button is not displayed on the Draw toolbar, click the Rectangle fly-out menu and select it from the list.

  2. In the Sides field of the Polygon ribbon, define the number of sides for the polygon.

    Since the default value for this field is "3", leaving the value unchanged results in an isosceles triangle.

  3. On the Drawing sheet, click a point to define the starting point for the polygon.

  4. Click a second point to complete the polygon.

  • Instead of clicking in the Drawing sheet to specify start and end points for the polygon, you can type values on the ribbon bar. Each mouse-click places a polygon with the specified dimensions on the sheet.

  • You can use the options on the Polygon ribbon to apply formats, including line style and line color, to any polygon prior to drawing it.

  • By default, the polygon is placed as a grouped element. To place the polygon as individual elements, turn off Group after Placement on the Polygon ribbon.

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