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12.1 (2019)

Provides the options for Database > Integrity Command to run directly on a database (site, catalog, model, or reports) and create records for objects that need to be cleaned.

After you scan the database for problems, you can use Tools > Run Report Command (in Project Management or in Common) to review the errors that Database > Integrity generates.

Check database

Lists the names of the databases to check. If you select a model in the Project Management hierarchy prior to running the command, the list shows the catalog, model, reports, and site databases associated with that model. If you select a catalog in the hierarchy, the list only shows the catalog database. You can check more than one database in the list.


Shows the progress information for the command after you click Run.

Basic check

Specifies that you want to run a faster database check that checks for the most common problems. The Basic check can be run on a regular basis.

Full check

Specifies that you want to run a deep integrity check that checks for any type of problem. A full check can take much longer to complete than a basic check. You can run Full check when an uncommon problem is encountered or on an infrequent schedule, such as once per week.

The software checks a file in the [Product Folder]\<Discipline>\Server\Schema\<Database type>\IntegrityScripts folder to determine which queries are run for the basic or full check. The files in this folder (Site.lst, Catalog.lst, and Model.lst) correspond to the database options that display when you run the database integrity check. You can edit these files with any standard text editor.

Submit Job

Opens the Schedule [Task] Dialog so you can schedule this process.


Runs Database Integrity for the selected databases. This button also creates a text file in the same TEMP folder as your log files. This text file contains a command with the parameters for running Database Integrity from the command line with the same parameters and options as used interactively. If only one database is selected, the text file name format is DbIntegrityCommandLine-<DbName>.txt. If more than one database is selected, the text file name format is DbIntegrityCommandLine-<ModelName>.txt.


Closes the dialog.