Create/Interactive Spec Tables - PDS - Reference Data

Plant Design System (PDS) Reference Data Manager (PD_Data)

Reference Data

This option enables you to compile tables and add the resulting code to the spec table library. You can create a single table or specify a list of tables to be created.

Before Using This Command

To add more than one table to the library, create a list file in the Piping Spec Path directory which identifies the names of the table files to be added. This file should list one filename per line with no directory paths. All of the listed files must reside in the Piping Spec Path directory.

Operating Sequence

  1. Select the Create option from the Specification Tables Library/Data Management form.

  2. Set the toggle to Single to process a single table file or to List to process a list file.

  3. Specify Filename for processing

    Key in the name of the table file or list file to be compiled and added to the active library. (Refer to PJS Tables and Functions for information on the table formats.)

  4. Accept or Select Other Option

    Accept the file and begin processing.