Piping Job Specification Introduction - PDS - Reference Data

Plant Design System (PDS) Reference Data Manager (PD_Data)

Reference Data

The Piping Job Specification (PJS) provides selection criteria for piping commodity items, piping specialty items, and instruments. The information for the Piping Job Specification is contained in the following files:

  • Specification/Material Reference Database - database containing the definitions for piping materials classes, commodity items, specialty items, and tap properties tables.

  • Spec Table Library - library containing the specification tables referenced in the PJS.

The information in the Specification/Material Reference database and Spec Table Library tables is also delivered in the form of neutral files which you can extract and modify.

The Piping Job Specification Manager enables you to create or revise the specification data in the Material Reference Database. You can use the interactive (forms-driven) specification writer or define/revise the data using ASCII neutral files.

The Piping Job Spec Tables command enables you to create, revise, and delete tables in the Spec Table Library.