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Plant Design System (PDS) Reference Data Manager (PD_Data)

Reference Data

This table is used for components which require non-symmetrical mirroring. It defines a mirror option for a given Eden module. This table is called through the use of the Eden keyword TOGGLE_<INT>, where <INT> is an integer value as defined below for Option 1.


Table_Data_Definition 'Component_Mirror_Table'

No_Inputs 1 No_Outputs 3

Units= AN*6, INT, INT, INT

! Model Code Option 1 Option 2 Option 3


  • Model Code — This column lists the model codes for components which require non-symmetrical mirroring. The model code is used as input by the calling Eden module.

  • Option 1 — This column represents the TOGGLE_<INT> Eden variable or specific command instruction used to control a non symmetrical mirror operation. This column can have any of the following values.

    • mirror logic in the Eden module. All items with these setting must have a tutorial accessed in the Eden module to allow the user to change the TOGGLE during placement.

      For example, if Option 1 = 1, check the TOGGLE_1 Eden variable in the Eden module to perform specific logic to compensate for a mirrored component.

    • degrees instead of mirroring it.

      The Model Code item will be rotated due to a specific non symmetrical definition where there are no non symmetrical connect points involved.

    • the specific item.

      The item will not be mirrored due to specific non symmetrical definition. In other words, the item is only stocked in one non symmetrical configuration which has non symmetrical connect points involved.

  • Option 2 & Option 3 — These columns are not currently used.