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Reference Data

The Support Tutorial Definition Manager is used to create a new Tutorial Definition Library or to create, modify, or delete data in the library. You can also create reports of the data in the library. Select the Support Tutorial Definition Manager from the Reference Data Manager form.

Before Using This Command

  • Define the location of the approved and unapproved (if applicable) Pipe Support Tutorial Definition Library files in the Reference Database Management Data.

  • You must have write access to the specified file and directory path.


  • Create Library — Used to create a new Tutorial Definition Library.

  • Compress — Used to compress the Tutorial Definition Library.

  • Unapproved ==> Approved — Used to copy the unapproved Tutorial Definition Library to the approved library.

  • Create Data — Used to compile source files and add the resulting code to the Tutorial Definition Library. You can create a single tutorial definition file or specify a list of tutorial definition files to be created.

  • Revise Data — Used to select a tutorial definition file from the library for editing and compile the revised tutorial definition file.

  • Delete Data — Used to delete a specified tutorial definition file from the library.

  • Report Data — Used to create a report file of the library contents.

  • List Data — Used to list the files contained in the library.

  • Extract Data — Used to extract a tutorial definition file from the library for editing or printing.

  • Full List/Sub-string — Use this toggle to determine the data to be listed. Full List returns all the definition in the Tutorial Definition Library. Sub-string limits the list to those files that contain the substring you enter in the corresponding box.

  • Node Name — Key in the node name of the location of the table definition files for pipe supports.

  • File Path — Key in the path to the location where you store table definition files for pipe supports.