Format Deletion Form - PDS - Reference Data

Plant Design System (PDS) Reference Data Manager (PD_Data)

Reference Data

When you choose Delete, the Deletion form is displayed.

This form deletes a report record from the project control database and can optionally delete the associated file. This form is used with format files and their database records, discrimination data files and their database records, and search criteria files and their database records.

  • Number/Description — Displays the 24-character short name and the 40-character description of a report record in the project control database.

  • Delete File/Do Not Delete File — Determines whether the associated file is deleted. When set to Delete File, the database record is deleted along with the associated file. When set to Do Not Delete File, only the database record is deleted.

Operating Sequence

  1. Select Report Format

    From the displayed list, select the database record to be deleted.

  2. Set the Delete File/Do Not Delete File toggle as needed. Then click Accept.

    The specified record is deleted. If specified, the associated file is also deleted.