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Plant Design System (PDS) Reference Data Manager (PD_Data)

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Reference Data

This table contains the data for a specific instrument item. It is used to define the instruments which are used frequently by a particular company or installation. The instruments are defined for the entire project; they are not partitioned by PMC. The following data exists in the Instrument table.

The Instrument Component Specification Data table contains 26 attributes.

You can also place instruments interactively in the model by defining the necessary parameters at the time of placement. No entries in the PJS database are required for these interactive definitions. Refer to the Piping Design Graphics Reference Guide for more information on placing instruments.

  1. system_unique_no, integer

  2. instrument_comp_no, character(20)

    This attribute identifies the tag number for the instrument item. You can modify the character length for this attribute.

  3. model_code, character(6)

    This attribute identifies the specific item name for generic bends, spec flanges, or spec valves. This can be a Piping Job Specification access name or a PDS commodity item name. Refer to the PDS Piping Component Data Reference Guide for more information on item names.

  4. option_code, short, SN 400

    • Option code less than 20,000 - specific instruments with a tag number

    • Option code greater than 20,000 - typical instruments

  5. gcp_from_nom_diam, short (NPD Units)

  6. gcp_to_nom_diam , short (NPD Units)

    These coded attributes identify the range of nominal piping diameters (low bound to high bound) for the green connect point.

  7. gcp_end_prep, short, SN 330

    These code-listed attributes identify the end preparation for the green/red connect point. The system determines the termination type based on the range of values:

    2 - 199 bolted terminations
    300 - 399 male terminations
    400 - 599 female terminations

  8. gcp_rating, character(8)

    These attributes identify the pressure rating for the green/red connect point. This parameter exists as alphanumeric data. The system interprets the first set of sequential numeric characters as being the pressure rating value. (Refer to the description of pressure rating for more information on standard formats.)

  9. gcp_sch_thk, character(8)

    These attributes identify the schedule thickness value for the green/red connect point. (Refer to the description of schedule and thickness for more information on standard formats.)

  10. gcp_table_suffix, short, SN 576

    These code-listed attributes reference the source of the generic dimensional data, such as flange data or piping outside diameter data.

    • For AMS standards, it represents the table suffix for the connect point.

    • For DIN standards, it represents the piping outside diameter selection flag (reihe number) for pipes and fittings.

  11. rcp_from_nom_diam, short (NPD Units)

  12. rcp_to_nom_diam, short (NPD Units)

    These coded attributes identify the range of nominal piping diameters (low bound to high bound) for the red connect point. For a full size component, these parameters are set to zero.

  13. rcp_end_prep, short, SN 330

    See gcp_end_prep.

  14. rcp_rating, character(8)

    See gcp_rating.

  15. rcp_sch_thk, character(8)

    See gcp_sch_thk.

  16. rcp_table_suffix, short, SN 577

    See gcp_table_suffix.

  17. physical_data_id , character(8)

    This parameter can be used to reference the set of physical data from the Physical Data Library to be used for this instrument item.

  18. PDS_sort_code, character(6)

    This attribute can be used to define an arbitrary index in the geometric data table for instruments. This is an optional input.

  19. modifier, double

    This parameter, if applicable, is used to determine the type of valve operator for instrument valves. It specifies the identification of the symbol description and the source of the physical data for a valve operator.

  20. geometric_standard, short, SN 575

    This code-listed attribute identifies the source of the data (which is usually an industry standard such as ANSI, ISO, or DIN; or a company standard) from which the specific geometry of the commodity item can be deduced.

  21. weight_code, short, SN 578

    This code-listed attribute defines the weight code for the instrument. It determines the table to be used in finding the dry weight of the instrument. It is required for those cases where material causes the dry weight data but not the dimensional data to differ for a specific geometric industry standard.

  22. fabrication_cat, short, SN 180

    This code-listed attribute identifies the shop/field fabrication and purchase status of a component. It defines how the component was supplied and how the component was fabricated (for example, Shop Supplied, Field Fabricated).

  23. materials_grade, short, SN 145

    This code-listed attribute identifies the material code, specification, grade-temper, and joint efficiency for the instrument. It can be used to access physical data in the Piping Graphic Commodity Library.

  24. standard_note_no_a, short, SN 499

  25. standard_note_no_b, short, SN 499

    These code-listed attributes provide the index number to standard notes in NL499 that apply to this instrument. The input to the Standard Note File is the note number. The output is the free-format text which forms the standard note.

    In the delivered data, note numbers 800 through 999 are allocated for instruments.

  26. input_form_type, short, SN 990

    This code-listed attribute defines the type of input form to be used to define data with the Spec Writer command.

Neutral File Format

Sample Files

A sample neutral file is delivered in the file \win32app\ingr\pddata\sample\data\

A sample file containing various bio-pharmaceutical instruments is delivered in the file \win32app\ingr\pddata\sample\data\