Verify Blazon Enterprise services are started - SmartPlant Markup Plus - Installation

SmartPlant Markup Plus Installation

Asset Information Management
SmartPlant Markup Plus
2019 (10.0)
2019 (10.0)

These steps are required for configuring SmartPlant Markup Plus Server for SmartPlant Markup Plus, the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client, and for Web Client.

If SmartPlant Foundation Server and the Remote Services components are installed on separate servers, these steps must be performed on both.

  1. Log on to the server as the administrator running Blazon Enterprise services. The administrator running these services must be a part of the server's local administrator group, whether the user is a local user or a domain user.

  2. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Services.

  3. Verify that the following processes are Started and set to Automatic. These processes must also have administrator privileges.

    • Blazon Job Processor

    • Blazon Queue Server

  4. Click Start > All Programs > Intergraph SmartPlant Markup Plus > Markup Server Status.

  5. Verify that the Job Processor Status on the Blazon Enterprise Status page is UP.

If the status displays as UNKNOWN / DOWN on the Markup Server Status page, see UNKNOWN or DOWN SmartPlant Markup Plus Server Status.