Specifying parameters using the Loader Configuration Tool - SmartPlant Markup Plus - Installation

SmartPlant Markup Plus Installation

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SmartPlant Markup Plus
2019 (10.0)
2019 (10.0)

After you install and set up SmartPlant Markup Plus, you can use the Loader Configuration Tool (loaders.configuration.exe) to customize how non-Hexagon PPM file formats, including Microsoft Office file formats, are displayed in Brava! Desktop for SmartPlant Markup Plus.

  1. Run loaders.configuration.exe in the [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Bin folder.

  2. Click a parameter from the tree view on the left.

  3. Click Change Value to change the value of the parameter.

  4. When you are finished, click OK > Done, and then Yes to confirm changes.

For more information on using the Loader Configuration Tool, see the Loader Configuration Tool Guide (Loader_Configuration_Tool_Guide.pdf) in the [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Bin folder.