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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
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In Smart Construction, component disciplines are mapped to component categories. A component category is the category of a component within a discipline, and it is mapped to a particular component item. For example, a pipe support and a piping component are both components items within the Pipe component category, which is related to the discipline Piping.

You can map the relationships between a component discipline and category, and a component category and component item class definition. When mapped properly, the relationships among component category, discipline, and component item determine which components can be added to IWPs - the discipline of the component must match the discipline of the IWP. In addition, the relationships determine the correct components to display in a filtered 3D model or 2D drawing. If a class definition is not assigned a component category, engineered published components related to the class definition are excluded from the Smart Construction retrieve.

You can customize the relationships among component categories, component disciplines, and component class definitions. You can create and manage component categories and disciplines for Smart Construction in the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client. You can manage the relationship between component categories and component items in the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm workbook. For more information, see Configure Mapped Properties for a Published Document.

When you map data in the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm workbook, a relationship between a component category and a component is created, based on the tool used to publish the component and the class definition of the component. The component category can then be mapped to component disciplines and managed manually through SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client. For more information, see Manage the relationship between component disciplines and categories.

By default, when you first install Smart Construction, a sample of component categories, component disciplines, and component item mappings are delivered. You can then customize these mappings to fit your business needs. You must retrieve data in order to see your changes.

The relationship between component categories and component class definitions is created when you generate and load the XML file mapping from the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm workbook and retrieve documents into Smart Construction. For more information, see Configure Mapped Properties for a Published Document.

The relationship mapping between component category and component discipline is delivered in a load file, which is loaded during Smart Construction installation. The delivered file, 042-SPC_ComponentData, is loaded when you load Smart Construction administrative files. For more information, see Load Smart Construction administrative files.