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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2018)

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You can configure the custom property in the register template. You must add a column for each property you plan to associate to the template.

  1. Browse to the Component Registers folder in the Templates folder of the installation location. For example, browse to [Drive]:\Program Files (x86)\SmartConstruction\2018\Templates\Component Registers.

  2. Open the component register template in Microsoft Excel.

  3. Enable the macro content for the workbook.

    1. On the Security Warning bar, click Options.

    2. Select Enable this content on the Microsoft Office Security Options, and click OK.

  4. Add a new column for the new property on the [Register name] tab, and specify details for the new custom property, such as the interface definition in the InterfaceDef column and property definition in the PropertyDef column.

  5. Add a column for the new property on the Data tab, and define details for the new property. For more information, see Structure of the component register template and Delivered Smart Construction component register templates.

    • The column headers are specified in row 6, and the data of the register start at row 7.

    • The tag name must be unique for each tag in the register template.

    • If you need to delete a column on the Data tab, select the entire column and delete it from the tab.

  6. Open the Main tab.

  7. Specify a document name in the Document Name box.

    • The document name can be a string value containing 100 characters or less.

    • The document name cannot contain special characters * ' % ? ".

  8. Specify a document revision in the Document Revision box.

    • The document revision number must be greater than 0.

    • Document revision numbers should be specified in sequential order.

  9. Select the Is this the first revision? box to indicate if the register is the first revision.

    Clear the Is this the first revision? box if the register is not the first revision.

  10. Click Save to save your register details.

  11. Click Generate File to generate the output file in the same folder as the register workbook.