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When administrators publish large models to SmartPlant Foundation, the models can exceed memory resources on the publishing computer. Large models can be divided into separate smaller models in the authoring tool and published to SmartPlant Foundation individually. The separate smaller models can then be combined into a composite model in SmartPlant Foundation. When combined into a composite model in SmartPlant Foundation, the models are treated as one large model by SmartPlant Foundation, and when configured properly, the composite model can be retrieved into Smart Construction.

In Smart Construction, you can retrieve composite models the same as any other model; you can also select the parts of a composite model to retrieve on the Retrieve Data dialog box by clicking Expand  next to the model name and selecting the parts of the model you want to retrieve.

  • If part of a composite model is retrieved before the entire composite model is retrieved, you must retrieve that part of the composite model again in order to access all data available in the model.

  • If a newer version of a model is published and it is part of a composite model, you must create a new composite model with the newer version of the model. You can delete the old composite model. For more information, see Delete composite models.

For more information on the publishing and configuration of composite models, see Publishing Large 3D Models to SmartPlant Foundation.