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If you want to add new objects and relationships to meet the needs of your company, you can extend the Smart Construction schema. The following work process details how to extend the Smart Construction schema.

Copy the custom schema files to a new location

We recommend that you extend schema from a new location. If you edit files in the installation location, a new installation of the software can overwrite your changes.

  1. Navigate to the Schema folder located in the Customization folder of the Smart Construction installation location. For example, navigate to [Drive]:\Program Files (x86)\SmartConstruction\2018\Customization\Schema.

  2. Copy all of the files in the Customization folder to a new location.

Edit schema files

  1. Navigate to the new location of the schema files, and open the Custom_SPC_AuthoringSchema.xml in a text editor.

  2. Edit the file to set your container ID to a specific container.

    By default, the container ID is set to Custom.SPC; however, it is recommended that you change the container ID to a specific and unique identifier.

    • Edit the file to manually set the ContainerID to a value that represents the use of the schema.

    • Save the changes.

  3. Open the Custom_SPC.eds file in Schema Editor.

  4. Extend the schema to fit your business needs.

    For more information, see Create New Schema Objects.

  5. Save the changes in the Schema Editor.

Import schema files

  1. Import your changes into Smart Construction using the Schema Import Wizard. Select the Custom_SPC_AuthoringSchema.xml file to import.

    For more information, see Import Smart Construction schema.

  2. Verify your changes display in Smart Construction.