Configure a column to display the associated work packages as hyperlinks - Intergraph Smart Construction - 2018 (6.0) - Administration - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2018 (6.0)
2018 (7.0)
  1. In the Component Directory Configuration window, click on a component category thumbnail and select Configure Columns.

  2. In the Configure Columns page, click Click here to add new item to add a new row.

    Press ESC twice to come out of the row edit mode.

  3. Type a name for the column in the Name column.

    • A column name must be unique. The name cannot contain the period character.

    • After you save a column, you cannot change the column name.

  4. Specify how you want the column name to display in the Components browser in the Display Name column. To localize the display name, surround the Display As value with braces { }, which serve as a key to retrieve the value from the resource file. Add the display value to the resource file.

  5. Type -SPC_Package_ComponentItems.Name as the relationship definition in the Criteria box.

  6. Type WorkPackageTemplate in the Data Template box.

    WorkPackageTemplate data template is delivered with Smart Construction.

For information on how to configure security for the column, see Configure columns for component category.