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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2018 (6.0)
2018 (7.0)

Smart Construction supports localization of both the client user interface and the messages returned to the client from the server, such as error or warning messages. Strings used for display in the user interface are stored in a resource file (.resx).

The resource files can be edited to add the foreign text strings and then compiled into a binary resource DLL. This DLL is then placed in the proper location on the client and server computers, so Smart Construction uses the proper DLL based on the locale settings of the computer.

  • Prerequisite software required. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SDK Version 1.0 and Smart Construction before localizing the software.

  • Customers using multi-byte languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, with Smart Construction need to contact customer support during installation to acquire a database update in order to accommodate the full length of some properties.