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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2018)

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Existing blockage entries can be edited, and new blockage entries can be added as new child entries in the SPC_BlockageTypes enumerated list using SmartPlant Schema Editor.

  1. Configure your custom schema files. For more information, see Extend the Smart Construction schema work process.

  2. Open SmartPlant Schema Editor.

  3. Click File > Open > Starting File.

  4. Browse to Custom_SPC.eds. Click Open.

  5. Click View > Schema (All).

  6. Expand EnumListType in the Tree View.

  7. Right-click SPC_BlockageTypes and click Edit SPC_BlockageTypes to open the Edit Enumerated List dialog box.

  8. To edit an existing blockage, click on the name of a blockage in the Tree View to select it. Edit information related to the selected blockage.

  9. To add a new blockage to the enumerated list, click New Child Entry on the Edit Enumerated List dialog box.

  10. Type a name to describe the new blockage in the Name/short description box.

  11. Type a number in the Number box.

    The Number box determines the sequence of the blockage in the Blockages list on a component in Smart Construction OnSite.

  12. Click OK on the Edit Enumerated List dialog box to add the new blockage.

  13. Click File > Save All Modified Files.