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PV Elite Quick Start (2020)

PV Elite

You can use the Windows Installer to install and uninstall PV Elite using a command line instead of the normal installer interface. You can then perform an unattended installation without dialog boxes, such as when performing a network installation or a corporate repackaging. The following command line arguments and parameters can be used with Windows Installer (msiexec.exe) and the PV Elite setup (setup.exe) to perform a silent installation of the product.

  1. Open a Command Prompt window.

  2. Enter the drive letter where the PV Elite DVD is located. For example, type:


  3. Change the path to the PV Elite folder where Setup.exe is located on the DVD. For example, type:

    cd PVElite_2020

  4. Enter the installation command:

    Setup.exe /v"/qb INSTALL_SILENT="Yes" LANG="Eng" ESL_COLOR="SPLM" SERIALNUMBER="<serial number>""


/v - Pass msi commands

/qb - Silent installation with basic user interface

Parameters for Setup.exe

INSTALL_SILENT - Sets silent installation.

  • Yes - Installation is silent.

  • No - Normal installation dialog boxes appear.

LANG - The language to install.

  • Eng - English

  • Span - Spanish

  • Ger - German

  • Fren - French

SERIALNUMBER - The product serial number provided to you by Intergraph CAS.

ESL_COLOR - The ESL license type.

  • SPLM - Intergraph Smart Licensing

INSTALLDIR - The path to load the installation files.

  • The general format of the command is:

    setup.exe /v"/qb PROPERTY_NAME="value" PROPERTY_NAME2="Value""

  • For a complete list of command line arguments for msiexec.exe, type the following in a Command Prompt window: msiexec.exe /?

  • For a complete list of command line arguments for setup.exe, type the following in a Command Prompt window: setup.exe /?