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12.1 (2019)

When the piping specification is extracted from the SDB in PDMS format, piping specification data generates materials, detailed text, specification, and component CATRef link files. These files should be loaded into the PDMS catalog in the order specified below using the PDMS PARAGON module. For more information on the integration procedure, see SmartPlant Reference Data PDMS Interface User’s Guide, which is delivered with the SmartPlant Materials software.

PDMS format files to load

Loading order

Materials file


Detailed text file


Specification file


Component CATRef link file


PDMS does not allow the materials and detailed text to be loaded if the line count in the above generated files is more than 5000.

  • Before loading the specification files ensure that the materials and detailed text files exist in the PDMS catalog.

  • PDMS administrators need to make arrangements to load the component/dimensional data into the PDMS catalog.

  • You cannot use loaded specification files from PDMS unless all of the component/dimensional data along with the point sets and geometry sets are generated for the specification. Also, ensure that the SCOMs are created in PDMS before the Component CATRef link file is run.

  • SmartPlant Reference Data integration does not transfer instruments and specialties in SDB to PDMS. You need to manually transfer and create appropriate mapping between instruments and specialties.