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  1. In the tree view, click Piping > Piping Specification > Model Rules > Slip-on Flange Setback Distance Rule.

  2. Click Insert Row to insert a blank row in the grid view.

  3. Define nominal piping diameter range for the flange setback distance.

  4. In the Company Practice Gap column, enter the distance between the flange face and the edge of the interior weld.

  5. In the Company Practice Round Off Factor column, enter the value to use to round up the sum of the weld thickness and the gap.

  6. In the End Standard column, type the end standard for the bolted end of the slip-on flange.

  7. In the Maximum Weld Thickness column, type the maximum weld thickness.

  • For more information about each slip on flange setback distance property that you can define, see Slip-on Flange Setback Distance.

  • The Slip On Flange Setback Distance sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook corresponds to the Slip-on Flange Setback Distance Rule node. For more information about the Piping workbooks delivered with the software, see Piping Reference Data.